Emerson Process Management 00809-0700-4530 Radar Detector User Manual

Reference Manual
00809-0700-4530, Rev AA
Section 2: Installation Considerations
September 2013
Installation considerations
Probe installation should occur when the silo is empty, and the probe should be
regularly inspected for damage.
Avoid 10-in. (250 mm) / DN250 or larger diameter nozzles, especially in applications
with low dielectric constant.
For environments where electrostatic discharges are likely to occur, e.g. plastics, it is
recommended that the probe end is grounded with a proper grounding connection
(R < 1
In case of non metallic tanks, a Rosemount 5303 should be mounted with a metal plate
of minimum 8 in. (200 mm) diameter. Use metal shielding for the conduit connections.
Figure 2-21. Installation with metal sheet in non-metallic vessels
In the case of bunkers with a concrete roof, a Rosemount 5303 should be installed flush
with the inner roof surface or in a nozzle insert
Figure 2-22. Installation in concrete silo with metal shielding
< D + 4 in. (100 mm)