Emerson Process Management 00809-0700-4530 Radar Detector User Manual

Reference Manual
00809-0700-4530, Rev AA
Section 2: Installation Considerations
September 2013
Installation considerations
2.4.2 Nozzle considerations
Depending on the selection of transmitter model and probe/antenna, special considerations
may have to be taken because of the nozzle.
Rosemount GWR transmitters
The coaxial probe signal is unaffected by the nozzle. The single probe has some nozzle
restrictions, e.g. avoid using nozzles with reducers, and nozzles that are too tall or too narrow.
Figure 2-16. Rosemount 5300 Series mounting in nozzles
Table 2-9. Rosemount 3300 and 5300 Series nozzle considerations
Nozzle Diameter (D)
3 - 4 in. (75 - 100 mm)
> probe diameter
Minimum Nozzle
Diameter (D)
(1) The Trim Near Zone function may be necessary or an Upper Null Zone setup may be required to
mask the nozzle.
2 in. (50 mm)
> probe diameter
Nozzle Height (H)
(2) Longer nozzles may be used in certain applications. Consult your local Emerson Process
Management representative for details.
4 in. + nozzle diameter
(3) When using single flexible probes in tall nozzles, it is recommended to use the Long Stud (LS).
Avoid nozzles with reducer
(unless using a coaxial probe)