Emerson Process Management 00809-0700-4530 Radar Detector User Manual

Reference Manual
00809-0700-4530, Rev AA
Section 2: Installation Considerations
September 2013
Installation considerations
The Rosemount 5400 Series non-contacting radar transmitters should be installed in locations
with a clear and unobstructed view of the level surface (A) for optimum performance:
Filling inlets creating turbulence (B), and stationary metallic objects with horizontal
surfaces (C) should be kept at a distance, outside the signal beam. Refer to the
Rosemount 5400 Series Product Data Sheet for more information (Document No.
Agitators with large horizontal blades may reduce the performance of the transmitter,
so install the transmitter in a location where this effect is minimized. Vertical or slanted
blades are often invisible to radar, but create turbulence (D)
Do not install the transmitter in the center of the tank (E)
Because of circular polarization (only Rosemount 5400 Series), there is no clearance
distance requirement from the tank wall if it is flat and free from obstructions, such as
heating coils and ladders (F). Usually, the optimal location is 1/3 of the radius from the
tank wall
Figure 2-15. Proper and improper locations for the Rosemount 5400 Series transmitter