Emerson Process Management 00809-0700-4530 Radar Detector User Manual

Reference Manual
00809-0700-4530, Rev AA
Section 2: Installation Considerations
September 2013
Installation considerations
2.3.3 Chamber mounting
Chambers should be mounted onto the tank to correspond with the desired measurement and
area of control. This is often a small portion of the overall height. For further information on
chamber mounting in the control area, see “DVC installation best practices” on page 12.
2.3.4 Existing chambers
Retrofitting of existing chambers is very common, especially when replacing old mechanical
devices such as displacers. For further information, see the Replacing Displacers with Guided
Wave Radar Technical Note (Document No. 00840-2200-4811).
If an existing chamber is used, a spool piece might need to be added. For further information on
installation with a spool piece, see “DVC installation best practices” on page 12.
2.3.5 Pressure and temperature specifications
The following diagram gives the process temperature (maximum product temperature at the
lower part of the flange) and pressure ratings for chamber/ tank connections of the Rosemount
3300 and 5300 Series.
The process seal pressure and temperature specifications must comply with the design
temperature and the design pressure for the application. In a chamber installation, there may be
temperature differences between the chamber and the tank.
Figure 2-10. Recommended choice of process seal type
For additional information on pressure and temperature specifications, refer to White paper:
Selecting the correct process seal for Rosemount GWR products Rev 1. September 2009.
When installing a Rosemount GWR transmitter in high temperature applications, it is important
to consider the ambient temperature. The Rosemount 5300 Series transmitter electronics have
requirements for maximum ambient temperature of 140 °F (60 °C), 158 °F (70 °C), or 176 °F
(80 °C) (limits depend on Ex approval, and Hart vs. FF protocol), refer to the product-related
High Pressure
Standard Seal
High Pressure
5000 (345)
3524 (243)
2940 (203)
580 (40)
-14 (-1)
Pressure psig (bar)
-320 (-196) -76 (-60)-40 (-40) 302 (150) 392 (200) 752 (400)
°F (°C)