Audiovox pro 9276 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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The selectable features can be set manually as explained below, or with the RF feature programmer.
To set features using the RF programmer, follow the instructions packaged with the programmer.
Factory default settings are indicated by bold text.
Note : The method of manual override can either be selected to operate from the valet switch or operate as custom code.
Be certain to place a check mark indicating the method used in the box located on the last page of the owner's manual.
NOTE: Keyless Entry Models with no horn output will Flash the Parking Lights instead of chirp where chirp is indicated.
Also, No data will be indicated if a feature is not available for a particular model. The unit will enter the feature but no selection will be available.
RF Programmable Feature Bank 1 Is For Transmitter Programming See Transmitter Programming Guide.
RF Programmable Features Bank 2 Is Alarm Selectable Features:
Feature Selection 1 Chirp 2 Chirps 3 Chirps 4 Chirps 5 Chirps 6 Chirps
1st DoorL/UL 1 Sec. 3.5 Sec. 1 Sec L, Dbl. U/L Dbl L, 1 Sec UL Dbl L, Dbl UL 1 S l/350mS ul
2nd Accy Lock Auto Lock On Auto Lock Off
3rd Accy. UL Auto UL Dr. Auto UL All Auto UL Off `
4th Headlights Not Available
5th Passive Locks Not Available
6th Pass/Act Arm Not Available
7th Siren/Horn Not Available
8th Horn Chirp 10mS 16mS 30mS 40mS 50mS
9th O/R Method Not Available
10th 2 Step U/L On Off
11th Chp Del Tx On Off
12th Vlot Sense/Hd Wire Not Available
13th Trigger Circuits Not Available
14th L/UL Poll Not Available
15th Aux Ch 5 Sel Pulse Push & Hold 10 Sec 20 Sec Latch On/Off Hold 3/S For O/P
16th Aux Ch 6 Sel Pulse Push & Hold 10 Sec 20 Sec Latch On/Off Hold 3/S For O/P
17th Aux Ch 7 Sel Pulse Push & Hold 10 Sec 20 Sec Latch On/Off Hold 3/S For O/P
18th Trigger Delay Not Available
When using the RF programmer, enter the program mode as follows:
Turn the ignition on.
Press and release valet switch 3 times;
turn ignition off then on.
Press and hold valet switch for 5 seconds.
Siren and or lights chirp/flash 2 times indicating access to RF feature program mode.
Model PRO-9276
Installation Manual