Audiovox pro 9276 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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7 Channel Remote Car Starter
2 Four Button Programmable RF Transmitters
Seven Channel Receiver (capable of accepting 4 transmitters)
Code Hopping Technology
Combination Remote Start Safety Control/Valet/Programming Push-
Button LED Switch
Safe Start RF Control (Double Push Of RF Transmitter)
Selectable Automatic Timed Start Mode
( + ) and ( - ) Keyless Entry Outputs
On-Board Start Relay
On-Board Accessory Relay
3 On-Board Ignition Relays
On-Board Parking Light Relay
Ignition 2 & 3 Relay Selectable On or Off During Cranking
Ground Output While Running / Shock By-Pass / GM VAT Output
(relay required)
Tach Signal Learning Circuit
Two ( + ) and Two ( - ) Safety Shutdown Circuits
Alarm By-Pass Output
Channel 3 Output for Remote Trunk Release (relay required)
Channel 4, 5, 6, & 7 Output to Control Optional Accessories
Selectable Steady or Flashing Parking Lights for Run Indication
Selectable Run Times
Selectable Door Lock Output Pulse Timing
Optional Illuminated Entry Output (Relay Required)
Vehicle Horn Activation Output For R/S Annunciation
External Activation Control Input
Turbo Timer Mode
Telematic Upgrade Ready
Plug In Flash Logic By-Pass Capable
Remote Power Window Control
Remote Garage Door Interface
Multiple Vehicle Capable
CAUTION! Be certain that the vehicle is outdoors before using this or any remote vehicle
starting device. A running engine produces dangerous carbon monoxide fumes
which can be harmful or fatal if prolonged exposure occurs. DO NOT remote
start the vehicle if the car is garaged.
Model PRO-9276
Owner’s Manual