Audiovox PRO-9275 Remote Starter User Manual

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4 Channel Remote
Car Starter
w 2 Four Button Programmable RF Transmitters
w Four Channel Receiver (capable of accepting 4 transmitters)
w Code Hopping Technology
w Remote Start Safety Control Switch
w Safe Start RF Control (Double Push Of RF Transmitter)
w Selectable Automatic Timed Start Mode
w ( + ) and ( - ) Keyless Entry Outputs
w On-Board Start Relay
w On-Board Accessory Relay
w On-Board Ignition 1 Relay
w On-Board Ignition 2 Relay
w On-Board Parking Light Relay
w Ignition 2 Relay Selectable On or Off During Cranking
w Ignition 3 / Shock By-Pass / GM VAT Output (relay required)
w Tach Signal Learning Circuit
w Two ( + ) and Two ( - ) Safety Shutdown Circuits
w Alarm By-Pass Output
w Channel 3 Output for Remote Trunk Release (relay required)
w Channel 4 Output to Control Optional Accessories
w Selectable Steady or Flashing Parking Lights for Run Indication
w Selectable Run Times
w Selectable Door Lock Output Pulse Timing
w Optional Illuminated Entry Output (Relay Required)
w Vehicle Horn Activation Output For R/S Annunciation
w External Activation Control Input
w Remote Power Window Control
w Remote Garage Door Interface
w Multiple Vehicle Capable
CAUTION! Be certain that the vehicle is outdoors before using this or any remote vehicle
starting device. A running engine produces dangerous carbon monoxide fumes
which can be harmful or fatal if prolonged exposure occurs. DO NOT remote
start the vehicle if the car is garaged.
Model PRO-9275
Owner’s Manual