Altech Auto Security 5BCR10P Remote Starter User Manual

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Your Alarm and or Remote Start unit has a configurable receiver that allows
the transmitter to be programmed to operate the Lock Unlock functions with
one transmitter button or with two transmitter buttons (separate Lock/
Unlock). In addition, the receiver also allows driver priority function. This
driver priority function takes place when ever a particular transmitter is
used to unlock the vehicle regardless of the selection of one button or two
button operation.
The following indicates the receiver programmable slots.
1 Lock/Unlock or Lock
2 Unlock if Programmed
3 Trunk Release & or Remote Start (Optional on some models)
4 Auxiliary Output
5 Auxiliary Output
6 Driver 1 Priority or Sperate Output
7 Driver 2 Priority or Separate Output
Receiver channels 6 or 7 will accept the programming of transmitter
channel 1 if used as the Lock/Unlock button, or Channel 2 when separate
Lock Unlock buttons are programmed. In this way, whenever the transmit-
ter is used to unlock the vehicle, channel 6 or 7, when programmed, will
provide a pulsed ground output. This output can be connected to the driver
priority function of the vehicle to reset preset user features. Please consult
with your installation center technician to see if this feature is available in
your vehicle.
NOTE: A total of 4 transmitters may be programmed into any receiver
Force programming a transmitter, removing a transmitter, or reprioritizing a
transmitter is covered later in this manual.
Also, if you do not program a transmitter button into channel 2 which is the
separate unlock/disarm channel, then whatever button is programmed into
channel 1 will serve as both lock/arm & unlock/disarm.
NOTE: The RED Button serves as a function button in combination with other
buttons explained in your owners manual. This button may not be used to
operate a receiver channel.
NOTE: The Option Button is predetermined and programmed for access to
Time Start, and Temperature Start & Check so it cannot be used for multiple
button operation of any other feature. It will however operate for any single
button programming.
This transmitter is also capable of one button programming for certain model
Audiovox Alarms. If your alarm is one of these models, then when step 3 is
completed on the following page, you can turn the ignition switch off and
Model 5BCR10P
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