3M MR3 Automobile Accessories User Manual

Manual Roller MR3
Technical Datasheet
J. Schätzmüller Version 06/2008
Automotive Germany
Manual Roller MR3
Technical Datasheet
Manual pressing-system with spring mounted and locked
roll, which becomes unlocked when an adjusted contact
pressure is reached.
A reproducible minimum contact pressure (basic setting
= 78 N/cm²) is ensured by the defined pressure transmission
of the Manual Roller MR3.
Thereby it is possible to pressurize attachment parts
reproducible and process-sure and a sufficient wet-out of the
tape to the substrate can be achieved.
Construction of the Manual Roller MR3
o Aluminum main part
o Additional handle bars
o Locking- and unlocking device
o Pivoted rubber press roll (Design has to be
o specified for every application)
o Pressure spring (has to be specified for every
o application)
For technical information about this product please contact Klaus Malecki at
3M Germany (kmalecki1@mmm.com)